I helped raise kids that mother and father hated and abused them , mayn ain’t one of those kids help me or mine when they got straight.

Now I’m the bad guy

Where were y’all mother’s and father’s?


Today my aunt roz came over and tried to bag up my deceased grandmothers belongings to then haul it off to the trash pile. Today is Tuesday so it would make no sense to do something of the sort since the trash is to be picked up on Monday. She proceeded to call the police on my father and they came. Then should told them that my father was yelling at her and throwing things. My dad told the truth unlike aunt roz who told a fib. We averted the police and everyone left. We are in disbelief and feel betrayed. We could have called the police on something more major than them calling it on us for absolutely nothing.

They have always been nothing but frauds they are cursed

My side of the family ain’t nada but dopeheads fraudheads and jailheads . accidental jail heads ,doing crackhead ish and getting caught.
we are military well cuss u out and keep it pushing,

All that lame shit oh That’s that dirty Luther side of the family drugs,fraud, rape and domestic violence.

Shit to busy being crooked to even save my mom’s life

From something preventable .

All the years y’all just dropped those horrible ,unruly, thieving,grown children off on her so y’all could be free of them, oldest form of elderly abuse.

Can’t even drop off 20 dol food or even gas money for all the support she gave them, wouldn’t even Stock her fridge between the three adults that used her the most.

She hated y’all but loved those kids and the kids ain’t no better.
The night she died she was screaming for the kids but they ignored her like they always do. They left her to die and still didn’t call anyone. I called from California tell you how out of touch they are living in the same city as her.

Then before she’s dead and before I get here you ransacked the house cleaned out everything with your family then lied and said my mom got rid of it forgetting you told me you changed the locks so no one could get in and telling me you were just cleaning the house.

Nah you and them cleaned out her house.

Mom knows y’all were all about the money

Went through every drawer even took here good wigs.

And constantly lied .

When she was alive y’all wouldn’t even drop the kids of ya made a disabled 70 yr woman drive all around town for y’all kids didn’t even help her after her car accident.

She was so lonely. No man but had every body else’s kids.
And none of them looked out they always took.

Drained her to death.

Fuck em except for our favorite jw

I want my things back

It is crazy so talking to my sister today she now wants to tell me that as soon as she went to the hospital my mother code it she never spoke that to me but as I look at my mother’s phone she went through and told everybody in her phone about what was going with her and they came to this house my mother’s house and absolutely took everything every single drawer was opened and nothing but rubbish was left every drawer was finally comb through you talking about her new clothes her beautiful shoes you talking about all the things that me and my wife send her including the cards all the cards we send.

I bought all her phones and I maintain the lines jewelry plenty. All her photos all you saw were cracked frames throwing all over the place my sister denies every single thing but in the beginning she told me that she came and cleaned out the house she called it cleaning up the house but she said she has all the medicine the papers everything she took every single thing of value and then now she’s acting like she didn’t this is crazy even down to my mom’s makeup all the things then my mom had including my things argon and I want my things back I know they don’t want to give me the photos or anything else but I want my items that me and my wife have purchased I want them back

The Sean and her husband cars were allegedly vandalized by their own tribe after harsh words to her uncle

Saturday May 23rd 2020 jayla my niece stop by my mom’s house to grab some of her things why she was there she informed me of her stepsister allegedly slashing tires putting sugar in tanks.

She went on to tell me that there was an argument where LaShawn told the 21 year-old she had to get out and that she doesn’t contribute or anything of the sort.

Even though the young lady has been watching and taking care of her children for a good while now which may have been caused for her to be upset.

Just a week before after they all took everything at my mom’s house she told me that why did I think I deserve everything I wasn’t her only child and this week she’s going to have to go through this.

Then this woman tells me that my father was married to Mother not yours

My mother was tricked by a pedophile so any conversation about legitimacy is ridiculous 100% that man never helped the day in his life with his house left my mom stuck with a dope head.

African heroin addict who walk the streets for years until he couldn’t walk no more and she took care of his self at that time as well and I took care of him.

In this house.

So far my sister Rosalind to tell me like she lived in his house like she helped us with the veterans in this house like she was a part of this house is absolutely absurd all she did was drop her children off and leave and then all they did was have kids drop them off and leave.

I took care of my mom up financially we got so many receipts and I found out that my sister sabotage me with the car she sabotage me with the house she sabotaged me with this whole process with the funeral by stealing my mother’s money committing fraud knowingly committing fraud and when I confronted her she admitted it but wanted to tell me about something else and she continued to commit fraud by coming to the house and taking items without even giving me a chance to it see what was going on including and insurance policy.

Well my mother is not married so you can’t use that as an excuse

My niece’s LaShawn Lee and loukisha just came to my mom’s house took anything they wanted

my niece has brought their children and they took everything from my mom’s house including the things I had put here for my mom being that I was her caretaker and when I asked him about it they told me that I was trying to take everything which I have got absolutely nothing I lived in California and by the time I got here to my mother’s house everything was gone everything was gone I couldn’t even find any underwear for my mother my sister had taken all the clothes the underwear the jewelry everything.

And try to show me a bag of broken jewelry they have stolen my property from here and I just want to keep making notes of this horrible situation unfolding in the East State of Venus Clements.

And now my sister told me that my mom had no insurance and I had to pay all this money

Come to find out my sister is using my mom’s money her social security and stuff to pay for the funeral now I’m looking at Minnesota Life insurance Company where someone filed a claim on behalf of Venus Clements.

The claim number is 146-6733 and the phone number is 1888-826-2756

This has been a situation that is full of fraud they have taken everything out of my mother’s house it is barren and empty and I didn’t get anything as her son who took care of her

There were arguments I asked over and over where is Mom’s things everyone kept telling me mom got rid of everything mom got rid of everything and when I went to the houses I seen by mother’s things I was told that there was no insurance and I had to pay all this money for my mom’s funeral and come to find out there is insurance and my sister is trying to claim it behind my back I live with my mother my sister did not I am the closest relative she has I was the last Sun.

My sister’s father was a molester that shotgun married my mother.

I’m writing these as a memorial of what needs to be done I am younger and I have Ben tricked and played with by my sister who works in insurance.